School Uniform 2018 - The Why

We were happy with the old shirts - why the change? 

In late 2017, the Omokoroa No.1 School Board of Trustees were made aware that our then school T-Shirt (the “Biz Flash in Royal/ Gold”), had been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Regrettably, a like-for-like substitute was not available to replace this shirt, and the BOT set about exploring options available to the school.

After consulting people within the apparel industry, including our existing suppliers, it became apparent that a change to the uniform was required.   

How did the BOT go about the change?

As is standard when changes to uniforms are made in schools, the BOT gathered opinions from throughout the school community, involving parents, students and staff through discussion, anecdotal feedback, and through the completion of a school-wide Uniform survey. 

Over 140 survey responses were received from the school community, and the strongest themes from this survey helped guide our approach to the uniform revision, particularly around keeping the same colours as well as allowing the old uniform to be phased out organically over time.

After collating the ideas and feedback, the BOT set about working on a design and finding a supplier for our new uniform.  We contacted a number of different suppliers and put in a lot of effort in order to find the best overall deal for our parents and the School. 

Why was a change made to the design of the uniform?

Taking the range of feedback from our community into account, the decision to change the style of the shirt, and add printing to the rear of our new shirt was made by the BOT.  

The Biz Razor Polo - which is the Polo we have decided to use as our new shirt -  is one of the industries most popular Polo shirt styles, manufactured by Biz, who are New Zealand’s largest supplier of Team and Uniform apparel.  This style is also the only one offered by Biz in our existing school colours.

The decision to add printing on the rear of the school uniform shirts was made by the BOT.  This offers us a point of difference from schools with a similar uniform colour - unfortunately, Te Puna and Waihi East have near identical uniform/colours.   As well as offering a smart look, the added customisation provides our students with clear identification when representing our school across events the WBOP and beyond.

Are these shirts as good as our previous shirts?

Our old shirts were an old style polyester garment, and our new shirt is a new generation lightweight polyester designed for use in school environments.

The school will need to track any durability and wear concerns that are raised as part of the implementation of the new uniform.  We continue to work closely with our supplier to follow up any concerns relating to the quality of the shirt or the applied printing.  In our school setting, it is difficult to gauge on the life expectancy of these new shirts, but believe the durability should match offerings supplied by any comparable supplier.

Why are we only able to purchase these garments through the Omokoroa No.1 School Uniform store?

We have been lucky to have an online store provided to us by Brand Addiction, our supplier.  In us using the Brand Addiction store, our office staff do not have to get involved in the logistics of the schools uniform supply.  This allows them to concentrate on the important stuff of their jobs the like attending to cuts, scrapes and parents enquiries!  This also means the school doesn’t have to hold stock on-hand (at a cost to the school).

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